Friendship Flower: All about Yellow Rose

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Yellow roses are like sunshine in a flower. They are known as the "Friendship Flower" and have a special story. This blog will tell you about where they came from, what they mean, how they're different from other flowers, and when it's a great idea to give them to someone.

History of the Yellow Rose

A long time ago, people found yellow roses for the first time in the Middle East. Back then, yellow roses were rare, and not many people knew about them. Most roses were red, pink, or white. 

When yellow roses were first brought to places like Europe, they were really special because of their bright color. People hadn't seen roses like that before! 

But there's an interesting part: at first, yellow roses didn't mean friendship like they do now. In the old days, people thought yellow roses meant jealousy and not being faithful. That's pretty different from what we think of them today!

Over time, as more people started to grow and give yellow roses, their meaning began to change. People started to see them as a sign of friendship, happiness, and caring. It's like the yellow rose got a new start and became a symbol of good things instead of bad feelings.

Now, when we see yellow roses, we think of them as a happy, friendly flower. They remind us of sunny days and good times with friends. It's cool how the meaning of a flower can change so much over time, isn't it? 

What Do Yellow Roses Mean?


Yellow roses are the perfect way to tell a friend you care. They're like a hug in flower form. When you give someone a yellow rose, it's like saying, "You're a great friend."


These roses are also all about happiness. Their bright color can make anyone smile. They're like a little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day.


Speaking of sunshine, yellow roses remind us of sunny days. They bring warmth and light, just like the sun in the sky.

Yellow Roses Vs. Other Roses

Yellow roses are bright and full of cheer, like a sunny day. They're special because they remind us of good times and laughter with friends. When you see a yellow rose, it's like seeing a big smile from a friend.

Orange roses are like a mix of red and yellow roses. Orange roses are really exciting and full of life. They tell someone, "You're awesome and I'm so happy to know you!" They're great for when you're really excited about a friendship or think someone is super interesting.

Red roses are different because they're all about romance and love. They're the type of flower you give to someone you love a lot. Pink roses are gentle and sweet, perfect for showing you care about someone or to say thank you. They're great for days like Mother's Day.

White roses are pure and often used in weddings. They can also be about remembering someone very special who is no longer here. White roses are for those really important moments.

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Artistic and Yellow Flowers

Artists and writers have loved yellow flowers too. They often use these flowers in their paintings and stories to show happiness and friendship. These roses have been in famous pictures and poems, telling stories of joy and friendship without using any words.

Portrait Of A Lady With A Yellow Rose

Occasions for Yellow Roses

  1. Friendship Celebrations: Best for Friendship Day or reconnecting with old friends.
  2. Achievements and Milestones: Ideal for graduations, promotions, or new beginnings.
  3. Joyful Events: Great for birthdays and baby showers.
  4. Support and Encouragement: Perfect for 'get well soon' wishes or cheering someone up during tough times.
  5. Showing Gratitude:Excellent way to say thank you or appreciate teachers.
  6. Just Because: No specific reason needed; a spontaneous gesture of friendship.
  7. Welcoming and Community Events: Suitable for welcoming new neighbors or at community gatherings.
  8. Professional Settings: Appropriate for acknowledging a colleague's contribution or celebrating team success.

Recipients for Yellow Roses

  1. Friends and Best Friends: Perfect for close friends or best friends, especially on occasions like Friendship Day or birthdays.
  2. Family Members: Suitable for siblings, cousins, or any family members with whom you share a bond of friendship and joy.
  3. Colleagues and Classmates:Great for colleagues or classmates to celebrate achievements, milestones, or as a gesture of appreciation.
  4. Teachers and Mentors: Ideal for showing gratitude and respect to teachers, instructors, or mentors.
  5. Neighbors and Community Members: Appropriate for new neighbors or community members during gatherings or welcome events.
  6. Someone in Need of Cheer: Perfect for someone going through a tough time or needing encouragement, including friends, family, or acquaintances.
  7. Healthcare Professionals or Caregivers: A thoughtful gesture for doctors, nurses, or caregivers who have provided support or care.
  8. Anyone as a Gesture of Kindness: Suitable for virtually anyone to whom you want to extend a gesture of friendship, kindness, or joy.


Yellow roses are more than just pretty flowers. They have a special meaning of friendship and joy. They remind us of sunny days and happy times. Next time you want to make someone smile or let them know you care, think about giving them a yellow rose.


Q1: Can I give yellow roses to my teacher?

Yes! Yellow roses are a great way to say thank you to a teacher for helping you.

Q2: How do I keep my yellow roses fresh longer?

Keep Fresh Flower: Put them in clean water and cut the bottom of the stems a little every few days. Keep them away from too much heat or sunlight.

Q3: Can boys give or get yellow roses?

Sure! Yellow roses are for everyone, no matter if you're a boy or a girl. They're all about being friends and sharing happiness.

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